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« am: 21. November 2018, 22:19:31 »

Ich habe ein paar Bilder auf der Fanwelt geschossen (wobei ich zugeben muss, dass mir einige Bereiche fehlen, da ging meinem Handy der Saft aus), und die späteren Fotos sind mit Ediths Handy entstanden.

Der Text dazu in Englisch, da ich den Text mit den Links auch in internationalen Foren gepostet habe:

LEGO® Fanwelt 2018 Cologne

I'm back from LEGO® Fanwelt 2018. My feet and leg hurt like hell and I'm tired, but you'll get your pictures.

What is "LEGO® Fanwelt 2018"? It is a meeting of LEGO fans from Europe, organized by our RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group), which is the "MBFR - LEGO Modellbaufans Rheinland e.V." (LEGO model building fans Rhineland). The meeting is the biggest event of this kind that is solely organized by fans, and is held every other year in November in Cologne, Germany.

I arranged the albums by fenced area, i.e. every album shows one "island" in our exhibition. I know that some islands are missing - my phone went low on power during the photo session, and I even had to take the later pictures with my wife's phone. I'll ask around if someone from our club has some pictures from the missing areas to share.

1. Friends of mine (and members of our club), one being an author of LEGO books, show their creations and books:

2. Other club members and friends, with a train layout and some other models:

3. Another friend and club member. He has maybe the biggest layout in the world showing "LEGO Friends®" - basically "pink LEGO for girls". Believe me or not, the guy who built all this is male and about my age. And he owns every set of this series ever released:

4. Some train layout from members of the dutch group „De Bowsteen“:

5. The Doctor Brick community showing mostly LEGO Technic things:

6. And more from Doctor Brick, like a nice microscale sci-fi city:

7. The groups Brickstore Lausitz from eastern Germany and SteinHanse from the north showed a bunch of large-scale LEGO Technic vehicles:

8. More from SteinHanse, with the Hamburg Opera House and some giant cranes:

9. PromoBricks with their giant Hogwarts Castle and some other creations:

10. Four small and two big MOCs, most of them from us, and one from a guest. I‘ve two models here, the „LSV Manta Ray“ and „Sphere“:

11. The group „Imperium der Steine“ (empire of stones) brought these detailed scenarios from the Star Wars universe:

12. Also from „Imperium der Steine“, a very detailed and funny „Back to the Future“ layout:

13. And another one from „Imperium der Steine“, with miscellaneous MOCs. Some things from the DC Comics universe, some Indiana Jones, Stargate, Space 1999, and, of course, some more Star Wars:

14. Again one of our club members, showing off medieval buildings and a renfair:

15. The RLUG „BFRM“ Brick-Freunde Rhein-Main from the Frankfurt area brought us a Burj Khalifa and some NASA MOCs:

16. Mixed stuff, a fun fair that can be packed up in the trucks, a line of train cars in almost any color, and some medieval and csci-fi mocs:

17. Arcade machines and a western scenario made by a father-and-son team of our group:

18. This guy built a road scene from the Ruhrgebiet, with a Horten wholesaler shop with it‘s unique facade as the centerpiece. The odd thing on the table is a genuine front tile of that building:

19. Now the first of two layouts I‘m responsible for. I didn‘t build all  this, but I designed the module technology behind it, built prototypes,  and convinced club members to join in. A few parts of this were already  on display in 2016, but a lot of it wasn't due to LEGO being very late with an order:

20. Our „Classic Space“ layout. Originally started as an idea between our clubs leader and me - he mentioned that he had a box of Classic Space models somewhere, and I said I had quite a lot of classic gray parts I don't plan to put into new models anymore. So the idea was born that I build the moonscape and he adds the models. Well, he didn't find the time to dig his models out, but many others did, and we ended up with this tear-jerker for many men of my age:

XX. Endgame. The visitors are gone, everyone packs up:

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« Antwort #1 am: 22. November 2018, 20:28:50 »
Hallo Christian,

vielen Dank dafür.
Auf Youtube gibt es auch zwei schöne Videos.


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« Antwort #2 am: 23. November 2018, 17:37:04 »

vielen Dank für die tollen Links. Man sieht doch manches, was einem auf der Fanwelt nicht aufgefallen ist ... ???

Viele Grüße,
Gum biodh ràth le do thurus.
(Möge deine Suche erfolgreich sein.)